We're proud of our volunteers for the work they do!

Our volunteers truly believe in our cause, as they experience the positive transformation that holistic education can bring to a community. The following volunteers are on our U.S national team. We also have volunteers in our chapters across several cities in the U.S. 

Evangelist                                                       - Vishal Vadodaria ( DC)
Treasurer                                                       - Kathie Askenes (DC)
Tax Letters                                                     - Ashok Iyer (VA)
Finance Planning / Budgetting                      - Vandana Gulhati (NJ)
Donor Outreach & Corporate Matching      - Vishwa Yelsangikar (CA, BayArea)
Yogathon Coordinators                                 - Rekha Alur (CA, BayArea) & Swamy Yeleswaram (DE)
Local Chapter Guidance                                - Vijay Srinivasan (CA, Bay Area) & Swamy Yeleswaram
Website & IT                                                  - Nischala Kale (AZ)
CFC Ambassador Program                            - Usha Sangam (CA, BayArea)
Donor Letters                                                - Pradip Morparia (CA, BayArea)       
Banners, Posters & Other Collaterals           - Vijay Srinivasan (West) & Ashok Iyer (East)
Publications                                                    - Indu Subramaniam (IN)