For over 35 years we have been improving lives, one at a time. Here are true stories of the winds of transformation!


"Life is sacred, Celebrate Life, Care for others and share whatever you have with those less fortunate. Broaden your vision, for the whole world Belongs to you.” - SRI SRI RAVI SHANKAR



andhra pradesh

8 year old Durga witnessed her father kill her mother, and was then abandoned by him. Her grandmother looked after her for a year and she too left. Durga took a train, came to Guntur along with the neighbors' children and began begging at a temple. The police sent her for a 6 month rehabilitation, and then to our Ashram. Healthy food along with a safe and secure environment ensure that she is growing up into a fine individual. She does well at school, and tops in her 8th standard class. A responsible girl, she can take care of small children and can also cook for a crowd. Her aim is to become either the best lawyer or an educator.

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Ekhwari village, Bihar

"Watching my neighbours' kids go to schools in the city, I asked my father to send me there as well. But my father, a farmer, told me that he didn't have enough money, and so I continued studying in the village government school. Till 7th standard I studied there. In 2010, my father found out that Sri Sri Gnan Mandir school had been established; we were told we'd get free education alongwith free dress, books and mid-day meals. I started studying there from April 2010. Since then I have learnt a lot here: I learnt to come and leave on time, do my homework, give respect to elders, give love to young ones and to live happily with all. In this school along with education we do Pranayama, meditation, and Sudarshan kriya every day. By doing Pranayama, I have attained peace of mind in a very short time. The first thing I did is Balchetana shivir course, then I did the YES course, this brought many changes in my life. My thinking and study habits have changed, so whatever I do now, I give my 100%, I live in the present and do not forget to smile. I am immensely grateful to our school for giving us good education and helping our society improve." 

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Rajghat is in a backward area. Anti-social activities were highly prevalent here. The adults were largely engaged in production and selling of indigenous alcoholic drinks; so were the children. They were not sent to schools. A sea change in the attitude of the people and the society was brought by volunteers and teachers through the introduction of our free school. The villagers started sending their children to school. The children have been greatly benefited. They are now taking an active interest in their studies and extracurricular activities.