A School Visit

Dynamic, fearless, humble, ready to do any thing with a YES mind” is what I can say about children at our schools. Raising funds for Care for Children for the past 3 years during Mothers day event, my children were curious to meet the school kids, which led me to explore a school in the outskirts of Hyderabad, India.

We visited Sri Sri Gyan Mandir, an Art of Living school surrounded by 10 villages below poverty line. The school hosts over 750+ children from grades KG to 8th. Their day begins with yoga and Sudarshan Kriya. Then a healthy breakfast, morning classwork, afternoon meals with freshly cooked rice and dal served for all kids (yummy dal I have ever had!), recess, afternoon meditation and classwork.

Text/note books, class supplies, two pairs of school dresses are provided for kids. Every child is so bright and healthy with a big smile, very impressive to see the kids growing up surrounded by wisdom.

We met children from all grades, and spent 2 hours with 5th graders for an art project. My kids and their cousins were awe stuck, watching children filled with gratefulness and contentment for what they received. The teachers are local volunteers, very humble and loving. It is beautiful to see how Art of Living course donations and Care for Chidlren donations flow into these welfare projects. By registering for an Art of Living program not only do the participants benefit from the learning, the course fee feeds iso many service projects.

Today, Art of Living Foundation runs 600+ schools, with 65,000+ children living below poverty line. I feel very inspired visiting the school, there are several schools in tribal areas throughout India. Amazing volunteers who are selflessly serving, bringing light into many lives!

-By Pavitra Anne