The following content is from excerpts of "An intimate note to the sincere seeker" series and "Celebrating silence"  by Sri Sri Ravi Shankar.

Who is a volunteer?

It is one who comes to help without being asked. One who is self-motivated and inspired becomes a volunteer.

What are the challenges?

It is possible for a volunteer's inspirational motivation to diminish, which can bring frustration. Usually a volunteer's attitude comes from demand rather than humility, diluting the quality of the service. Another downfall that can happen to volunteers is that they slip away from commitment, thinking there is no "boss"; thinking, "If I like it, I'll do it; if I don't like it, I wont do it!" It is like the steering wheel of a car - if all the tires say they don't want to be steered, then the car cannot move smoothly. If you have to construct a building, you have to accept the authority of the structural engineer, the "boss".

The strength of a volunteer comes from the challenges he is willing to face. A true volunteer does not expect appreciation or reward. He is thoroughly mistaken if he thinks he is obliging somebody.

Why does anyone volunteer?

A person volunteers because he derives joy from it. That joy itself is the reward, and it is immediate. It does not come at the first of every month in the form of a salary! When a volunteer realizes this, he becomes filled with gratitude. 

Seva (Service)

Our first and foremost commitment in the world is to do seva, or service. Poor people fight for food. Rich people share their food. Richer are those who share power. Richer still are those who share fame. Richest of all are those who share them selves. The richness of a person is indicated by his ability to share and not by what he hoards.

The more you give, the more strength will be given to you.


Volunteering for CareForChildren

Volunteering for CareForChildren is a rewarding experience, as you will be helping in educating first-generation learners that are caught in a socio-economically challenging environment. We have many volunteer positions that are available. You can also help us run local campaigns like distributing flowers for moms in nursing homes, join us on a walkathon, volunteer for the yogathon, teach cooking, teach a craft, or just about anything! Know more about our volunteers. Fill out the volunteer form