Holistic education cares for a child's physical, mental and emotional development.

Your contribution provides meals, healthcare, uniforms, transport, school supplies, hygiene, buildings, and develops surrounding communities. 

We stretch your money to the MAX! More than 95% goes directly to the programs.

When we educate our children, we empower our communities. Education is a universal right of a human being, and can help break the cycles of poverty, disease and social inequity. It equips children with the knowledge, skills and confidence they need to shape a better future for themselves, their communities and the world! Watch an appeal from kids in the U.S asking for help.

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A Dollar-a-day Keeps Illiteracy Away

Children in rural, tribal and slum areas are denied their basic needs, and are often forced into hard labor. They work in farms, or stay home to help with raising siblings. Let's educate them in our fee-free schools, and rescue the future generations! Can you spare just a dollar everyday to sponsor a child through an entire school year? 

Thanks to a pledge from Sierra Circuits®, many of our projects from 2014 and 2015 are underway! We have set ourselves aggressive goals for 2016. We're counting on more support from our individual and Corporate donors.

Dandiya Night with Care for Children


This Navratri, dance the night away! Sway to live music and bring a swing to the steps of underprivileged children!! Announcing Dandiya celebrations with Care for Children in several cities in the U.S.

Register to dance at the festival in the San Francisco Bay AreaNew Jersey and Delaware.

Checkout our fundraisers page for all events.


A School Bus is All It Takes

Keep a girl educated and safe!
Watch the one minute video. Join hands with us to purchase a school bus for the students at the Udaipur girls school. Our suggested donation is modest - $5 only! Forward it to five of your friends and share it on Facebook. (Higher donations are welcome of course!)
When 7000 of us can each give just $5 each,  these girls don't have to walk long distance in searing heat or harsh rains to get to a school! Click here to participate in the crowd funding for their school bus.

Almost 95% of our children are first generation learners.